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So last year, I wrote yet another list of things that I might do in 2008, but that were definitely not resolutions.

Let’s see how I did, shall we?

Firstly, carried forward from 2005:1

  • Get back into a godsdamned size 10 from the 12 I am now – reasonably realistic, its not like I want to go back into the 6 I was 18 months ago – because that is not going to happen
    (2007 edit: this is particularly amusing because 18 months ago I *was* down to a size 6 – now back to a 12 again)
    (2008 edit: FAIL, stupid wine and its properties of fattening)
  • Keep a clean, tidy and, most of all, uncluttered haus
    (2007 edit: I know this is utterly futile, but a girl can dream)
    (2008 edit: FULL OF WIN! Helps when messy young adults fly the nest)
  • Increase the diversity of what we eat
    (2007 edit: we’re fairly diverse, but hoping for at least one new dish a fortnight)
    (2008 edit: FULL OF WIN!)
  • Increase the diversity of my wardrobe (for I am heartily sick of wearing the same things)
    (2007 edit: would help if I remained a consistent size for more than 3 months so I could acquire things)
    (2008 edit: FULL OF WIN! what the hell is going on here?)
  • Do something crafty at least once a month (I don’t mean crafty as in cunning, well perhaps cunning crafts?, but practical, useful crafts)
    (2007 edit: yes, wishful thinking once again. I’m thinking a satchel for The Beast and lots of scarves)
    (2008 edit: ahhh, knew it wouldn’t be too long before we had another FAIL.)
  • Blog regularly (because I try not to be a hypocrite & loathe it when others leave it for weeks between entries)
    (2007 edit: note to self: do not try the 365blog thing, it will only lead to disappointment)
    (2008 edit: EPIC FAIL)
  • Don’t resolve to do anything
    (2008 edit: FAIL)

From last year

  • Save enough $ for The Holiday (74 days to go!)
    (2008 edit: FULL OF WIN! And what a holiday it was)
  • Get out and about and have more adventures than currently
    (2008 edit: kinda sorta, but we could try harder)
  • Do something with that blank canvas sitting in the bedroom
    (2008 edit: FAIL. Actually, I think it might go onto the street for someone else to enjoy)
  • Organise my hard drive
    (2008 edit: FAIL. Well it died, does that count?)
  • Consolidate and organise our enormous itunes libraries
    (2008 edit: FAIL – if anything we have even more itunes libraries scattered about – might be time to outsource [offer the babies money to do it for us])
  • At least one new book per week (I’m a bit of an inveterate repeat reader)
    (2008 edit: FAIL – I don’t really consider that repeatedly reading Ngaio Marsh counts)
  • Use “splendid” and “neat” a whole lot more in conversation (and maybe even “smashing” or “keen”). “Cool” and “awesome” becoming somewhat tired, I think.
    (2008 edit: FAIL. I wish I’d not forgotten about this one – would have been a simple win. I’ve managed to get a few people to adopt “peachy”. I’m hoping to make Ahoy-hoy widespread in 2009.)
  • Listen to 13% of the albums in Don’s 1001 albums book.
    (2008 edit: FAIL. I listened to lots of albums, but failed to check if they were in the book)
  • Continue the at least 3 days per week at the gym thing.
    (2008 edit: WIN! Most weeks, yes I managed it easily!)
  • Run 10km (on the treadmill, the knees can’t handle the land) – even if it is just once.
    (2008 edit: FAIL – 6 is the most I’ve managed)
  • Ab exercises – every day (make the trainer happy!)
    (2008 edit: FAIL – abs of jelly)
  • Social: be more (have people over and such)
    (2008 edit: FAIL – although perhaps having Mom here for 5 weeks counts?)
  • Adopt “I did a lot of drugs at the turn of the century” as a catchphrase for when I forget things, rather than, “I’m an old lady”. Much more rock and roll.
    (2008 edit: I have used it, on occasion, unfortunately my old lady brain [or should that be my drug-addled brain?] keeps reverting to the “I’m an old lady” thing)

So, without weighting the list items, we have a big 6.5/20 achieved (yeah, I know you aren’t supposed to mix decimals and fractions, but I won’t be bound by your rules, man).

New list, I think needs a new post, whereupon some of the above items may be abandoned.

On the other hand, given the amount of wines I’ve consumed (so many, that originally I typed “confused”), the post may occur tomorrow

1Hmmm, I think the Mrs Hardly blog may be dead, which would Make Me Cry … phew! not dead, but taking an awful long time to load – may be time to back up. Oh hey, I could make that a thing for the next year list of things I might possibly consider doing, but not resolve to do.

3 thoughts on “stolen blogging time

  1. I know that I definitely use “cool” and “awesome” way too much (like every second sentence too much).So far my efforts have not been successful, I feel I need a list of alternatives next to my desk.I do rather like “smashing” though, and I daresay “neat” is never going to happen (until Don’s cultural indoctrination programme finally takes hold).

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