sobriety 2013: week one

As I’ve mentioned before, there have been quite long periods in my life where I did not drink alcohol at all. Before commencing this sobriety project I wasn’t really aware how much I’ve now come to rely on alcohol as a relaxant / stress mitigator. This is not unlike how smoking used to be for me all those years ago (how was I even a smoker? I don’t know either). It’s that addictive personality.

So it is been sometimes challenging to arrive home after a hard day at SaltMinesLimited and not sit down with a nice glass (or bottle) of wine and chillax.

One of my difficulties has been finding something refreshing to guzzle of an evening while attempting aforesaid chillaxing. I don’t drink soft-drink and water was not really cutting it in the satisfying-evening-drinks stakes.

On Saturday afternoon, I totally impulse bought a six-pack of tiny jars of peach nectar while shopping at our favourite supermarket, and they were an extreme success!

peach nectar

1/2 bottle peach nectar + soda water = delicious!

Must try more wee fruit nectars!

So, I’ve made it a week, and through the most difficult days.

I don’t kid myself that this will get any easier, but I’m really quite pleased with myself. To my surprise I do feel physically better. I’d been kidding myself that I could drink a bottle of wine and wake without a hangover – sure, I might not have had a blinding headache or my head in a bucket, but I see now I was a little off my A game.

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