teev 2013: week one (life on mars)

I’m still claiming yesterday as week one, though I suspect the divisions between weeks will be fairly fluid for a wee while as the year settles down.

After excitingly sorting out the kitchen cupboards (I know, such a rock and roll lifestyle), I dragged out two previously unwatched DVDs, put one in each hand behind my back and made Don pick a hand.

Don picked left, and so it was that we watched the first episode on Life on Mars (I daresay that link contains spoilers, so be warned).

I estimate that we’ve owned this for around 2.5 years and, yes, it was still in its shrink-wrap.

I’m not sure if we’ll bust out the kitty rating system for the teev project, if we do, it will be at the end of a series / movie / whatever.

That said, I did rather like it, as I suspected I would (else I would not have bought it). Honestly, it is so silly to own all these things and leave them sitting unloved on shelves. No, I don’t know what I was thinking either.

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