2016 not-resolutions: joan

And lastly, we have Joan’s list. Rather delayed because once again she was off travelling about.

Comments are her own.

First the traditional review of 2015:

1. Finally learn to drive and get my Ps.
NOT ACHIEVED – I drove once around the embassy region of Canberra early in the year.

2. Lose 15 kg by the end of the year (or not continue to gain weight at the very least).
NOT ACHIEVED – The less said about this, the better.

3. Achieve new savings goals.
ACHIEVED – I exceeded the savings goal, so that’s something!

4. Decide whether or not to leave my job and Sydney to do some extended travel and/or work overseas.
ACHIEVED – I left my job halfway through the year and travelled overseas for four months. I went to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

5. Take myself out of my comfort zone and start exploring potential new hobbies, interests and activities.
ACHIEVED – I continued my travels. Three of the four months I was away I travelled alone which was quite confronting but a good challenge for myself, especially as I left a lot of the planning and destination choices to the last minute. I didn’t get everywhere I was hoping to go but that just leaves me with more places to tick off my travel bucket list.

And for 2016:

1. Work towards learning to drive and getting my Ps by 30, making sure I don’t let my neighbourhood’s narrow streets and traffic congestion issues put me off achieving this goal!

2. Eat better food, be more physically active and generally improve my health with a view to being less sickly and in better shape.

3. Resolve my post-travel unemployment situation by figuring out what it is I want to do for work and making it happen.

4. Continue travelling. Japan and Christmas in Europe are my ideas at the moment.

5. Stop letting fear hold me back from doing things I want in my life.

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