2016 not-resolutions: don

And after a bit of an interlude, we have Don’s 5 things (which he did provide earlier, we just got distracted)

First, the 2015 results, with minimalist comments:

1. Go camping at least once (carryover from 2014)
NOT ACHIEVED – difficult since Joan and Ajax lost our tent poles, but we probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.

2. Get handicap back to 18 or under and keep it there for a significant time (at least 6 months)

3. Start running again and do it twice a week (diet’s worked wonders, but need some exercise for the health)
NOT ACHIEVED – I’ve concluded that I don’t like running.

4. Complete the implementation of the workplace wiki
NOT ACHIEVED – carried forward to 2016.

5. Get some of the financials sorted. as in long to mid term goals goals set, and wheels in motion to reach them (including investments, etc).

6. Make decision on US citizenship (keep it or chuck it?)
NOT ACHIEVED – still deciding

And for 2016:
1. Get Handicap to 16 or under and keep it there for at least 6 months
2. Eat more veg
3. Complete the implementation of the workplace wiki (carried over from last year)
4. Keep on track with the mortgage reduction plan
5. Regular dates and outings with baby

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January 12, 2016 10:54 PM

I told you we would buy you a new tent! You didn’t tell us what one you want.

January 13, 2016 6:31 PM

I don’t get 6? Is there a reason to chuck it? I have dual citizenship and would never ditch the options it gives us but maybe it’s a tax thing when you have the US one? just nosy