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This evening I took Don to SuperHappyFunGP for a finger check-up. All appears to be going well, it needs time to heal more than anything. GP says really no need for the plastic surgery clinic, so there’s about 4+ hours of Don’s life back!

We arrived home later than usual, so it was fortunate we’d planned a quick(ish) meal. It was my first attempt at smoked paprika red potatoes and eggs bake. I slightly overcooked the eggs, but it was luscious – great flavours and very rich. That’s another meal to add to the vegetarian meals arsenal … an arsenal of, I think 3.

Note to self: if after 7mins the eggs are still undercooked, they need checking every 30 seconds – don’t leave for an additional 3 minutes!

I adore cooking, but I think I am going to be well sick of it by the time these 6 weeks of finger-healing are over!


And work was work was work.


Amazingly, I maintained my news fast. Amazing because I usually have the guardian open all day at work, reading this and that between tasks (I did break the fast momentarily this evening when I heard the sad news that David Bowie had died).

I am trying to be relentlessly positive in the face of another year, my 12th year at SML! And I’m quite looking forward to the business transformation project, but new bosses can be very exhausting!

But hey, there are only 235 days until we go to Japan, which I certainly don’t need to force myself to be enthusiastic about.

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