after the hospital

Today was very, very sedate.

I took Don out early this morning to grab his antibiotics and then I made him a chart:

Totally genius idea if I do say so myself. I think chemists should hand out something similar when they fill a prescription, because who remembers where they’re up to on a long course of medication?

We’re working with the injury:

the showering hand

We then pottered about for the rest of the afternoon, I made roasted strawberry and toasted coconut popsicles, more choc-chip cookies and jamie’s shiner bock chili – while binge-watching even more of how to get away with murder. Don played lots and lots of civilisation.

So far, 2.5 days of my news fast and I’m much less full of GRAR. Though this could be because I am more sleepy than I have been in years and years. I’m walking about in a sort of exhausted fog. Now I’m such an advanced age, I really can’t do late nights at all.

I feel like will sleep well tonight (well, as well as I can – because Joe/Frank is going out), and then it is back to SML tomorrow … *sob*. Fortunately I had the foresight to make it a four day week.

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