i confess all these festivities and fireworks are becoming wearisome

Today, because I am the best boss ever, I had to do some work – which was primarily giving guidance and an ear to Vincenzo for some Very Important and time-critical analysis for a Very Important External Meeting. Fortunately I narrowly avoided having to go in for the pre-meeting and also fortunately the outcome was a good one.

To be honest though, this really kind of harshed my holiday mellow.

Only one more working day until I return – pah!


The morning started amazingly, with the kitties snoozing in very close proximity to each other. This almost never happens, so it was incredibly exciting.

I expect the next time we see such a thing will be in about 2018.

Then BabyKitty delighted with some yoga poses:

I will miss those crazy funsters when I return to SML enslavement.


Yesterday while the rain was raining, I was trapped indoors and made a batch of experimental cookies while I binge-watched how to get away with murder.

Experimental because I chucked in coconut sugar and cacao nibs. They were very good – delicious and chocolaty without being too sweet. Don claims they are the best biscuits I’ve ever made.

It was the first time I’ve used cacao nibs which I impulse bought a couple of months ago. I’d been reading about them for years and hadn’t seen them anywhere, so was forced to snap them up when I encountered them by chance – without having any plan at all for them.

Must use them in more things.


My lovely bargain teapot which I bought on sale on Tuesday is now even more on sale at half the price I paid – pah!

I still love it, but probably would have loved it more if it had only cost me $20!


I finally completed the 32nd and final Miss Silver – which I will totally read again at some point, such comfort reading.

This means of course, that I can begin 50before50 item #36: read something long and challenging and so I began War and Peace last evening:

I am not very far in, but I am adoring the language: “To be an enthusiast had become her social vocation and, sometimes even when she did not feel like it, she became enthusiastic in order not to disappoint the expectations of those who knew her”.


Will be definitely be bookmarking like crazy.

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