the future, now with more evil

As part of the eat more healthily 2016 project and item #21 on the 50 list (eat no meat for a week), I’ve been reading a few healthy eating blogs and bookmarking quite a few recipes I’ve been seeing about the place.

This smoked paprika red potatoes and egg bake from naturally ella looked pretty amazing, so I emailed it to both Don and Joan who are both fans of such things.

I was on my way to the dermatologist when Don replied and was baffled to note that the google inbox app appears to be offering response suggestions.

Screenshot below – Don’s reply in blue, the apps suggested responses in purple.

And then there were more on other emails:

It doesn’t happen in all cases, so far just with Don, Bess, Vincenzo and me (from another account), seemingly not for anything from a mailing list.

Just. What? I don’t want to sound like an out of touch old person, but are people really so time poor or unimaginative that they need an app to suggest one line responses? Also, get your machine learning out of my mailbox.

And then you can get off my lawn.

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