two days until enslavement recommences

I’ve spent most of the last working day of my holiday updating the a year of dinners: 2015 list with the first six months of meals.

We track our meals in a small diary which sits on the kitchen counter and once a year, I transcribe them into blog form. So far we seem to have missed documenting only two – which is pretty good value.

The Diary

It may seem incredibly tedious, but I actually really love this process – it is excellent for identifying favourites we’ve not have had in a while and is useful as a trigger to try new things (already I note a little too much repetition in there for my liking).

Six months into 2015 and the majority of new meals were low calorie for 5:2. I really don’t think that we would have been able to persist with the 5:2 diet had we not found interesting things to eat!

Hopefully I’ll get this knocked over by the time I return to SML. I’m totally going to do stats when I’m done. I’m very curious to know what our most-cooked/eaten food was. Red beans and rice? Best ever bolognaise?


Yesterday I binge-watched more of how to get away with murder and knitted quite a bit for the #45: knit a garment for myself project.

I abandoned my attempt at the miette cardigan because my tension was really yuck and the stitches were looking terribly sloppy. I really cannot purl very well at all on a circular needle (it must be that, because the my knitting is peachy).

I’m currently giving silva cardigan a crack and so far all appears to be going well.

silva back

If it all ends badly I may just throw in the towel and make an intricate shawl/wrap


My stitches remain a little sore. We’re going to try to chance a short bike ride in the morning (weather depending, but there’s only 5% chance of rain) – which is just about the only energetic exercise I think won’t aggravate it.

I’ve been doing some lunges, squats and toe taps in the mornings, just to keep the momentum up. I desperately need some exercise, so I might try a very short, very gentle run on Sunday.


The kitties are, as ever, being delightfully delightful wee monsters and making my holiday very happy:


I’m thinking of having a two week news fast. I like to keep current, but I’m getting way too alternately ragey at / despairing of everything I read. It would be wonderful to just delight in blissful ignorance for a while.

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