before we ended up at the hospital

It was All Action today!

We were out early for a bike ride early(ish) this morning. We chose pretty much the same route as last week.

it looks much further on the satellite view

Despite researching changing gears, I just kind of set the bike to a middle gear and went with it. As I have told Don approximately 6,000 times now, my childhood bikes were just single-speed, so it is what I know! That way I can concentrate on not running into things / falling off.

It was fun! I’m really enjoying this as a weekend morning activity.

If the enthusiasm continues past the honeymoon period, I’ll then research getting a new bike (3-5 speeds MAX) – this one is pretty rusty and tired (and has too many gears), but is certainly good enough for the occasional outing.


After we returned home we menu-planned for the week and grocery shopped.

We visited two separate shopping centres – because we needed staples from the supermarket and then the butcher, poultry shop and the fruit + veg. This supporting independent businesses can get a little time consuming, but I take much comfort in the smugness I gain by doing so.

You might recall that weekend shopping was one of those activities I wanted to avoid doing on the weekend. I feel as though it might take us some time to get into the groove of that.


THEN Don and I caught the train into the city (!) and took advantage of the new year sales to buy hiking shorts (yay!) and hiking socks for me and some new boots for both of us.

I have been rocking a pair of very sturdy and very heavy, slightly-too-large hiking boots for a few years now (not that they see much wear!) and I thought it was time to get some lighter shoes that actually fit me properly.


AND then we ended up in the emergency room after Don sliced off his finger-tip with the mandoline we bought for Xmas while preparing dinner.

But that is a story for tomorrow.

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