50 is a lot more than you’d think

NewKitty’s summer boyfriend, she’s often found resting her head on him

I pushed my distance to 3.5km on the regular run this morning. I am pleased that I have not gone crazy and run as far as I can – because we all know what happens when I do that. Definitely NOT the sustainable way to build up distance for the long haul. I’m sticking with 4km for the Sunday outing this week and next.

I’m getting serious about planning stuff on my daunting 50 list and have been investigating runs not in Sydney (#3). I’ve found two possibilities in Japan on when we’re there. One’s a 10km about 30 min from Tokyo, the other is a 5km or 10km 2.5 hours from Tokyo – both are the same day. Whether I am brave enough to undertake this is another thing entirely! From the namban rengo site: Japanese race organizers are usually very much domestically focused and do not provide multi-lingual support, either for application or on race day. Yipes! But what an experience it would be!

There are also two runs in Melbourne in May and July, which I was hoping would align with Ducks away games, but neither do. I’ll sort something out I’m sure!


In other planning news, I’ve found two local productions of Macbeth (#14)! Canberra in August or Hobart in July. Unsure whether both could be a little community theatre – but I don’t think I care!

The ever-excellent anyresemblance suggested I see the fassbender film as a substitute. I had been madly keen to see as soon as I heard about it – but of course I dithered way too long and it is no longer showing in cinemas here.


I think I’ve settled on a pattern for #45: knit a garment for myself. The miette cardigan would work pretty well I think. I have sufficient cotton already in the meagre stash some hopefully my test swatch will be to the correct gauge.

If not I’ll try the clavdia cardigan with the yarn from the boxy I started and abandoned – my stitches were beautifully even, but it was way, way too big!


I’m up to 20 pushups (#6) on my knees! This is quite a bit more challenging than you’d suppose – even just adding one a day.

But I could never have done 20 pushups two weeks ago – so there is definitely merit in the incremental approach.


And in nothing to do with my 50 list.

This may be a little TMIish, but I recently became aware that I was absolutely bolting my food and was finishing meals WAY before Don and Joe/Frank. Then I’d go for seconds because I was still hungry. I don’t even know how or when such bad behaviours began. So this week I started forcing myself to slow down and count the number of times I’m chewing each bite (it was really not a lot before, now must be > 15).

Amazing the difference it has made to my appetite and my desire for dessert!

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