palm reading is hard

Yesterday was additionally disappointing in that Joe/Frank and I rocked up to the local public school hoping to score a sausage on a bun but discovered that, despite being one for the federal election, the school was not a polling place. Nuts! We were forced to go elsewhere.

I was forced to post my sausage-less hand on instagram so I could participate in #democracysausage:

Later in the day Joan emailed with: What have you done to your hands? Should I buy you some hand cream?

I explained that she’d just not noticed my very wrinkly 900-year-old-lady palms before. I don’t even want to know what they will like when I am a wrinkly 900 year old lady. Fortunately the backs of the hands are not quite so bad and are probably slightly more age appropriate.

But I can’t even explain the purple fingers, I promise they were nothing like that to the naked eye.


We had our traditional election night wine and cheese feast while watching the abc election coverage.

we have leftover cheese for days

The outcome was not quite as we had hoped (but pretty much as expected), but in excellent news, the Greens won 3 (maybe 4) seats! Yay for living amongst a bunch of progressive people!


I’m now considering this jumper.

My test swatch turned out quite a bit more satisfying than the previous one:

Yay! for neat stitches! If I do pull the trigger, I suspect it will keep me occupied for rather a long while and might be ready by summer.


Holy!Goodness! This cold is completely horrible and debilitating.

While Don was actioning all the things: like fixing our broken antenna, steam mopping the floor and playing loads of golf, I was laying about complaining and blowing my nose (a lot). I did manage to make a 5:2 casserole for Thursday evening and to apply flea/worm stuff to the kiities, but other than that – errrggggghhhh – laying about listening to podcasts was about the most I could do.

I’m sitting in on an interview tomorrow – let’s hope that I wake up Much Improved, else I pity the poor candidate.

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