two days to go!

My cold is progressing along nicely.

I find it so very interesting how (well, at least for me) colds move through exactly the same stages and have done so forever: first sore throat (as if it is lined with razors), through achy bones, thick head, nose dripping like a tap, cough, cough, cough, husky voice, lots of nose blowing, cough, cough, fin. If past patterns hold true, by the weekend it should mostly be done with – except for the night coughing – but I am hopeful of at least being able to recommence using my brain.

Yesterday evening I cast on for my first ever garment knitted in the round. I say first garment because I don’t think hats really count as garments. I don’t know what they do count as, probably they count as hats.

Anyway, I cast on 370 stitches – which I think it probably the most I’ve ever cast on at once. I had the genius idea of putting stitch markers every 50 stitches so I didn’t have to keep recounting – and was delighted to end up with the correct amount of stitches and no twisting in the first attempt – hopefully this is an omen for the future success of the project. It is genius mindless knitting. Two nights in and I reckon I have about 2cm – only 38cm until I divide for the arm holes! So, some time in August 2016.

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