50before50: list + #10

I’ve really no hope of remembering what exactly my 50before50 items are without prompting, so I went old school, wrote it up and stuck it to the wall in my wee nest at the top of the stairs.

Giant so my old lady eyes can see it and to remind me to keep my eyes on the prize(s). I feel like maybe the list will undergo some revision, as I suspect some of the items might not be feasible (finding a production of macbeth for example)

That was not the only actioning of the list today, we got a whole lot of traction on #10: visit Japan!

Flights are booked for a trip to Tokyo in September! Woo hoo! And paid for entirely by frequent flyer points! Also Woo Hoo! All that shopping with wild abandon has really paid dividends.

We’re very excited!

2 thoughts on “50before50: list + #10

    • I was mad to see this, but as usual have dithered and now it is not showing anywhere** – ARGH! I don’t think DVD will quite be the same experience!

      I did find this though: canberra repertory society: macbeth, I’m not sure if this in in the realms of community theatre? But I think it would probably meet my requirements even if it was!

      **this is the case for every movie we’ve been planning to see this year (see also, mad max).

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