at least it was contained

What an evening!

We arrived home rather late from work (I sense this is going to be a pattern) to a strong scent of beer. Investigation revealed that one of Don’s beers had exploded in the brew haus (the downstairs bathroom) and had taken a couple of empty bottles with it. There were tiny shards of glass and beer everywhere. Clean-up took quite some time – especially with one of us out of commission.

Then I cooked nigel slater’s lamb, peppers and tortilla for the first time. It took much, much longer than I had anticipated and so we ate at the insane (for us) time of 9:30pm. This is generally the time we’re heading off to bed. And, disappointingly, the results, while not dreadful, were kind of underwhelming, we won’t be repeating.

I’m glad I pre-consoled myself at lunch with a little shopping at lunchtime:

3 x tea, candle, dress, pants

It has been a pretty full-on week, but thankfully I’m taking an annual leave on Friday as part of my plan to ease myself back into the year. And I get my stitches out, so nice, long(ish) run here I come!

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