2012 not resolutions: joan

These were Joan’s not resolutions for 2011

  1. save money for a holiday
    ACHIEVED!! – see New Caledonia Xmas

  2. go to the gym and shed pounds
    NOT ACHIEVED – don’t even get me started how much lecturing Joan receives from everyone for paying for gym membership and never visiting

  3. get career direction
    ACHIEVED!! – acquired new, more challenging job & commenced lawyerly learning

  4. stress less
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – much less stress than previously, but still somewhat cray-cray

  5. keep my home in order
    ACHIEVED!! – each time Don and I have visited we have nearly collapsed in shock at the tidiness of her home


  1. Pass all Law subjects
  2. Have a more healthy diet / cook more
  3. Shed pounds
  4. Be less neurotic
  5. Broaden horizons (try new things and whatever)

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