2012 not resolutions: don

These were Don’s not resolutions for 2011

  1. Get a golf handicap (however bad it might be)
    ACHIEVED!! – 22

  2. Complete 4 post-grad nerd subjects
    NOT ACHIEVED – unfortunately, some less than stellar life things got in the way

  3. Play guitar four hours per week
    NOT ACHIEVED – as with Joe/Frank, the guitar has been packed away. Ahh! Enthusiasms!

  4. Repeat another magnificent victory in fantasy baseball comp
    NOT ACHIEVED – can we say dead last?

  5. Achieve savings goal
    ACHIEVED!! – well exceeded expectations, in fact!


  1. Golf handicap under 20
  2. Finish in Top 4 of fantasy baseball
  3. Buy home
  4. Keep up the yoga (at least 7.5x per month)
  5. Cure more meat

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