2012 not resolutions: carol

An of course mine are always longer than everyone else’s.

  1. More Blog

  2. Less Twitter

  3. Achieve saving goal
    ACHIEVED!! (moar than achieved, actually)

  4. Claw back my health / Lose that pesky 5-10 kg / fit into my clothes
    • No more second (or third!) helpings at dinner
    • More walking home from work
    • More eating proper meals
    • Less snacking on junk
    • Take vitamins regularly

    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – it was up, it was down

  5. Make at least 2 camping trips
    NOT ACHIEVED (was particularly sad about this one – am still very keen to bust out equipment – else we must rid selves of it)

  6. Spend more time on self-maintenance / grooming / pampering
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – the short hair, it was a grooming revelation!

  7. Keep up the diversity in all things cooking
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – again, it was up, it was down. Abandonment of the toast project let us down – really, if you want to be accountable for stuff, put it (or plan to put it) on the InformationSuperHighway

  8. Add a few more non-meat meals into the rotation
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – one more added – we need to work on this

  9. Take more of our own food to the footy

  10. Change work hours (again!) for more time away from the ghastly SaltMinesLimited
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – did and then got new job which is causing me to spend ridiculous amounts of times at, and thinking about, SML

  11. Stress less about the SaltMinesLimited. Accept that I’ll be there for another year at least because there is no way I’ll find the flexibility elsewhere
    NOT ACHIEVED – completely and utterly not achieved

  12. Procrastinate less

  13. Act more like a lady
    ACHIEVED!! – totally have boozed less & embraced much less profanity – in public

  14. More projects / less computer

  15. Let go of perfectionism
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – perhaps a little

  16. Complete Don’s accursed jumper!
    ACHIEVED!! – Woo! Though to my horror, after washing it grew and grew and became 2 sizes larger and almost unwearable


  1. Read more widely (have kindle and should not be afraid to use it)
  2. Wear reading glasses at home ALL OF THE TIME (to avoid the recently discovered, non-glasses-wearing, debilitating headaches)
  3. More supporting (financially and otherwise) issues I am passionate about
  4. More listening to radio
  5. Reduce electricity consumption
  6. Reduce buying of things
  7. Continue decluttering (hol accom made us realise how very delightful it is to live in an uncluttered/minimalist space)
  8. Blog moar / twitter moar (but teh twitterering should not be at the expense of teh bloggering)
  9. More quality time on InformationSuperHighway (less mindless scrolling)
  10. Think about SML less (leave it at the door)
  11. Reconnect with those contacts who might help me get the hell out of SML
  12. Get the hell out of SML (do we sense a theme?)
  13. Socialise / be in touch with friends more
  14. More variety in / experiment more with foodz
  15. Reclaim health
    • full plank 3 minutes
    • keep up yoga
    • run at least 2km at least 1x per week
    • run loop over bridge by end 2012
    • keep up yoga (so nice, I said it twice)
    • less boozing1
  16. Watch all of those DVDs &etc we’ve acquired
  17. Another tropical island Xmas vacation (to same locale)
  18. Improve French (see above)
  19. More embracing of life

1Everyone I know is all like, I cannot believe how much I have drunk during hols – neither can I and it needs to stop.

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