2019 not-resolutions: joan

Joan has taken her lead from Don and made me review her 2018 year – any and all errors are mine (though I am sure she will correct me).

1. Move overseas, preferably mid-year

2. Achieve savings goal by moving time
ACHIEVED! Reaching savings goals is one of her super-powers.

3. Lose 10 kg
NOT ACHIEVED! Not-resolutions pertaining to weight loss will no longer be permitted from anyone.

4. Don’t make poor decisions with regards to men and continue progress made since the beginning of this year
ACHIEVED! Lovely new boyfriend who does not appear to be a poor decision.

5. Find a new hobby that isn’t travel or photography related
NOT ACHIEVED! Or if it has been I’ve not heard of it.

And for 2019:
1. Visit 50 countries by 2020 (I’m currently at 41, soon to be 42) – possibilities include Liechtenstein, Greece, Faroe Islands, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Morocco, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cuba… but I’ll take advantage of any good deals I find!
2. Make healthier food choices and start intermittent fasting again – thanks 30s metabolism
3. Edit and upload future travel photos within two months of taking trips (and get through existing backlog by the end of 2019)
4. Put £x into my travel savings account from every pay check
5. Take more advantage of being in London and have at least one new experience (be it going to a new area, landmark, venue, etc) per month


Joan’s previous not-resolutions:

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