2019 not-resolutions: don

Comments on 2018 are mine. I did have to check in on a couple – like what exactly were the values of x and y in #1?. What’s your handicap?

Reflecting on 2018:

1. Get mortgage to under $Xk (1% less than current projection @ year end). Stretch goal of $Yk (3% < current projection @ year end)
NOT ACHIEVED! so very very close. If we’d remembered this we could have shoved the extra on.

2. Attend Friday AM Yoga 75% of weeks
NOT ACHIEVED! But started Sunday mid-way through the year. Probably making 75% of those.

3. Minimum of 2 alcohol free weekdays 80% of weeks
NOT ACHIEVED! 2019 for sure.

4. Drop 2 strokes off current H’cap (currently at 12.2) and not exceed 95 the entire year
NOT ACHIEVED! Handicap changed by 2 unfortunately in the wrong direction. Exceeded 95 4 times.

5. Golfing birthday trip somewhere mildly exotic
ACHIEVED! Thailand was really wonderful. There was much golf. We liked it so much we’re planning on returning in November 2019.

And for 2019:

1. (golf) Play A grade = drop 2 off handicap
2. ride exercise bike minimum of 2x week
3. lower blood pressure by 10mmHg
4. obtain RPL (recreational pilots licence!)
5. play 2-3 rounds (golf) interstate


Don’s previous not-resolutions:

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