2019 not-resolutions: bessie

This is NINTH year of family “not resolutions”! For the uninitiated, everyone nominates 5 things they’d possibly, maybe like to accomplish in the coming year – no pressure. It’s been really fun to look back and see where everyone’s head was at.

Reflecting on 2018:
1. Get a “real” job in my field

2. Go overseas in 2019
NOT ACHIEVED. But there is solid planning in the works.

3. Learn to drive
NOT ACHIEVED. Got the math wrong on when Hansel would get his full license and be able to teach me.

4. Move out of home
PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! I am no longer living between 2 houses, making my life significantly easier.

5. Get my website up and running

And for 2019:

1. Continue with Pilates and find a second form of exercise (ie. swimming or dance)
2. Learn to drive (carried forward from last year)
3. Design a new set of pins based on another Australian city
4. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers on my design Instagram
5. Be accepted for a stall at a large market


Bessie’s previous not-resolutions:

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