2019 intentions

It appears that I didn’t complete a list of projects or intentions for 2018. Who knows what I was thinking? Possibly I thought focussing on the 60before60 list was sufficient? In retrospect I can’t say I care much for that approach!

On the surface this seems to be a ridiculously huge amount of items to undertake in a year, but underpinning this is a plan to stop wasting time on the InformationSuperhighway. 4-5 hours a day is completely insane and little wonder I’m not getting anything accomplished and end up dissatisfied!

+ Facial 1x per month
This feels like a real indulgence and hey why not? My skin (like me) is getting older and will really benefit from some professional attention. I had my first in the series yesterday. It was quite excellent.

+ Wear nice sleepwear
I generally wear rather grody singlets. I really want to embrace my inner sophisticated old lady. I actioned the prep for this yesterday by picking up a couple of pretty things in the post-Xmas sales.

+ Use my keep cup
It’s just sitting in my drawer at SML. I’ve gone through a lot of single use cups in 2018. My first action on arrival at SML will be to put the cup within eyesight on my desk.

+ Don’t cross my legs when sitting
This is such an ingrained habit, but is super-bad for my legs and dodgy ankle. A day of sitting with my legs crossed ends in a fair bit of pain in the evening. I’m considering offering a bounty to my team when they spot me doing this.

+ No daily digital news
I did this a few years ago and it was very successful, but unfortunately mindless consumption of news has slowly crept back in to my life. This is quite the biggest time sink and adds very little value to my life.

+ No snacking post-dinner. Fruit only after work.
Giving up chocolate for a year was an attempt to stop bingeing. Turns out it actually wasn’t the chocolate as I’ve just binged on every imaginable alternative – ice-cream, bikkies … everything. I need to stop eating my feelings.

+ Limit personal spending. Stop shopping for sport.
It’s not like I’m spending beyond my means, but I do often buy things I probably don’t need – mostly through boredom. I’ll usually go for a wander at lunchtime and buy *stuff*. I’m thinking of treating this as prep for retirement. see also #47 below.

And some targets from the 60before60 list (I did say this was a lot of things for a year!):

#48 Move the blog to self-hosted wordpress
I’m paying for domain mapping, no ads and custom design on my “free” account. These features work out to be around 5x more expensive than paying for hosting from my domain name provider. They renew in early January. I’ve been dithering about this for a couple of years, but it’s finally time to make the move.

#27 Kill my gmail account(s)
I have around 5 gmail accounts – a personal one, a blog one, one I used for linkedin, a couple of others that I’ve forgotten why I had. protonmail is a pretty great free alternative.

#13 Read no self-help books for a year
My name is carolbaby and I’m addicted to self-help / personal development books. Maybe just find the time to implement some of the ideas, rather than simply voraciously consume? Hrmmm – perhaps all that reading is yet another way of avoiding my feelings.

#47 Record all personal spending for a year
Hopefully this will be not a lot – which wasn’t really the intent, but we’ll go with it. I suspect recording a year at current levels would be a bit eye-popping.

#41 Be more present (precisely how to do this is yet to be determined)
I’m hopeful by implementing some of the above – particularly the news one – I’ll pay more attention to what is going on around me! I also hope to stop flicking between browser tabs and focus on one thing at a time!

#51 [something] yoga
Work on yoga goals, attend average of one class a week (ideally three classes) and develop a regular home practice.

I’m printing these out and keeping them on my desk to keep them top of mind!

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