2018 not-resolutions: bessie

Hey, hey – for the 8th year running, it’s time for the family not-resolutions!

Each January I persuade everyone to give me a list of five items they’d like to achieve in the coming year – no pressure to complete them, but a good indication of where everyone’s head is at. And fun to look back on now that we have lots of data.

First up, Bessie with a review of the 2017 items:

1. Reach next savings goal
NOT ACHIEVED – after doing 2 internships, resulting in only working 2 days a week, it was extremely hard to save.

2. Finish my Uni degree
93.75% ACHIEVED – I still have to finish 2 classes during the summer – I will be done on the 25th of January.

3. Plan a big holiday
NOT ACHIEVED – we had planned to go away this time of the year but because I couldn’t save and we didn’t know when Hansel (boyfriend) could get leave, it didn’t happen.

4. Have another successful year with CPAC youth
ACHIEVED – a very successful year with very successful events, also interned at the gallery for one of their major events.

5. Complete a Rubik’s cube
NOT ACHIEVED – the reason I added this was there was Rubik’s cube on my desk at work and I was determined to finish it. Once I moved desks I lost motivation.

And for 2018:

1. Get a “real” job
Now that I have finished my degree I would like to get a job in my field

2. Go overseas in 2019
Carried forward from last year

3. Learn to drive
In June Hansel will get his full license, making it much easier and cheaper for me to learn

4. Move out of home
[my baby!]

5. Get my website up and running
I started working on this last year but after I finish my 2 remaining uni classes I will have much more time to focus on it


Bessie’s previous not-resolutions:

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