2017 not-resolutions: bessie

For the 7th year in a row (!!!) it’s time for the New Year not-resolutions from the carolbaby family!

As a reminder, each year I force everyone to provide me with a list of 5 things they think they’d like to accomplish in the coming year. No pressure to achieve, but serves as an interesting record of what we consider important at a point in time.

First up, Bessie …

2016 review
– travel to 3 new places
Not achieved – went to Canberra in April, going to New Caledonia in Feb
– save money
Achieved – reached my savings goal
– keep social
– stay involved in CPAC YOUTH
Very much achieved
– Maintain a 60+ WAM (weighted average mark at Uni)
Achieved – 67.5

– Reach next savings goal
– Finish my uni degree
– Plan a big holiday
– Have another successful year with CPAC Youth
– Complete a rubiks cube


Bessie’s previous not-resolutions:

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