2017 not-resolutions: joe/frank

Next up, favourite son:

2016 review
1. Start actually learning to drive. Get on the track towards my P’s (provisional licence for the foreigners)
Nope. I think this is on the backburner for now, unless personal circumstances change.
2. Learn one new recipe a month
No. Am still interested in expanding my food repertoire though.
3. Improve personal fitness. Lose ~10cm of belly fat
I don’t think so. I’m not sure if I’ve lost weight or gained weight, which is concerning.
4. Aim for two social activities/etc per month.
No not really. Work got in the way a bit, but not enough to really hamper progress here.
5. Pass all my UPP subjects and get into a full university course (UPP = University Prep course).
Yes for Part 1. Hopefully/probably for Part 2, though maybe not at the same university.

1. Lose ~10cm of belly/body fat.
2. Aim for a “C” (credit) average at uni, with at least one “D” (distinction). (might differ depending on the uni I attend)
3. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
4. Waste less of my free time just flipping through internet websites. (kinda goes hand in hand with #3, tbf)
5. Improve sleep patterns. Stop going to bed so late, wake up earlier.


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