2013 not resolutions: joe/frank

Yes, it is the time where we, the fam, indicate what we might like to achieve in the coming year, but where there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

As ever, Joe/Frank listens to his Mummy (if only he would obey re: study) and gets his in before everyone else.

Firstly though, we review 2012.

  1. Spend less time on internet
    NOT ACHIEVED: So very, very spectacularly not achieved

  2. Stick to deadlines for ‘draft’ submissions and study timetables
    NOT ACHIEVED: Though most of his 2012 assessments were exams, I’d say there was a little more prep than previously, but could have been better

  3. Make my French better
    NOT ACHIEVED: postponed French to 2013, so not a lot of practice happening

  4. Be less surly
    ACHIEVED!: This has been Ace! Really aware of when he might inadvertently be a dick – essential, rare skill for a teen boy.

  5. Be more co-ordinated
    NOT ACHIEVED: Well, maybe a very little, but really not following through with the OT homework or exercise in general

And for 2013:

  1. Achieve an ATAR of at least 70+
  2. Start a project that will enhance my mind and interests.
  3. Broaden my horizons in interests.
  4. Get in better shape.
  5. Watch at least one French thing per week.

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