2013 not resolutions: don

Donaldo has succumbed to the nagging and is next up:

  1. Golf handicap under 20
    NOT ACHIEVED: Don would have me point out that his previous handicap was not a proper one, but obtained from here and therefore does not count

  2. Finish in Top 4 of fantasy baseball
    NOT ACHIEVED: 8th (always at disadvantage re: time difference … excuses, excuses)

  3. Buy home
    ACHIEVED!: Woo! Yay for ThePalace(OfLove).

  4. Keep up the yoga (at least 7.5x per month)
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: Was doing so very well until we moved to ThePalace(OfLove), has slightly recovered though

  5. Cure more meat
    NOT ACHIEVED: Truly, I feel compelled to buy him a smoker, just so we can have MOAR BACON!


  1. Proper golf handicap under 20
  2. Finish better than 8th in Fantasy Baseball
  3. Go camping more than in 2012 (so more than once)
  4. Improve fitness through yoga & other exercise
  5. Paint all of ThePalace(OfLove)

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