project 9: 2013 (find that thing)

Don’s thing is golf. He’s always been a keen casual player, but now that we are doing pretty well he can invest the time (and mucho $) into joining a club and playing regularly (and acquiring ever-stranger equipment).

I think this is some sort of ball-picking up device to use when practising

While I can discuss the game relatively (I hope) intelligently and occasionally watch on television, I have absolutely no interest in playing. Which is, of course, fine. It is his thing and I fully support it.

Otherwise, we are one of those utterly sickening couples who are forever attached at the hip.

I’ve mentioned before that find myself a little lost now that the sprogs are pretty much grown and, for the most part, independent. Of course, I continue to fuss and boss and hover, but I still have loads of free time where I kind of wander about ThePalace(Of Love) wondering what I should / could do, end up being unproductive and dissatisfied. While I do very much dip my toe into all manner of activities (such a dabbler), I think I really do need a thing.

I think this could be what they call empty nest syndrome (yes, once again, I’m an extremely early adopter).

Next year I need to take some of that wandering-about time and invest some energy into finding my thing.

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