2015 not-resolutions: joe/frank

Next up, Joe/Frank:

To review 2014:

  1. A firmer idea of what I want to do with regards to working
    – yes!

  2. Become fitter. Start exercising more.
    – Sort of. Did exercise a fair bit with Transition To Work but it didn’t really pan out well in how fit I am

  3. Finish in top 8 of AFL and NRL fantasy leagues
    – yes to AFL. No to NRL, losing interest mid-season killed me.

  4. Get driver’s licence
    – yes! Though I haven’t actually done anything about it.

  5. Cook at least once a week and expand cooking repertoire
    – the amount I cooked was pretty close to once a week. Didn’t really expand my repertoire though.

Not-resolutions for 2015:

  1. Start actually learning to drive. Get on the track towards my P’s.
  2. More socialising. Don’t spend so much time in the house.
  3. Successfully complete TAFE, obtain paid employment or future university study.
  4. Expand my current interests by trying one ‘new’ thing a month or expanding current ones.
  5. Improve personal fitness.

carolbaby note: There are definitely some recurring themes developing across the family so far

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