2015 not-resolutions: bessie

And it’s Bessie! Interestingly, both she and Joan were quite a bit keener on the not-resolution project this year than they had been previously.

Results of 2014 not-resolutions:

  1. Get a (part-time) job
    – I don’t think having 2 jobs for a week counts

  2. Enjoy my course
    – yes I am very much enjoying my course

  3. Go to festivals and see bands
    – pretty sure I saw 1 band this year, so no

  4. Finish my quilt (flanelette, girly patchwork) and continuing making things and being crafty
    – yeah … No

  5. Travel
    – went to Melbourne twice, don’t know if that counts

And for 2015:

  1. Find a form of exercise that I enjoy and do it regularly
  2. Have a credit + average on all my courses
  3. Have a job or internship for more than a week
  4. Be creative and make things that aren’t for uni
  5. Stay social, go out with a variety of people

carolbaby note: I like to think that the recurring desire for fitness theme is because of my excellent example – but I’m aware that this is a little delusional!

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