2015 not-resolutions: don

And the slacker of the group, my lovely husband!

From 2014:

  1. Make more beer – including a lager
    = Achieved! (But I won’t be making a lager again anytime soon. The payoff’s not worth the effort.

  2. Make sausages
    = Fail (didn’t really cure much meat even after buying a fridge for a “curing chamber”. Makes an awesome place to ferment beer in hot weather though so no harm)

  3. Get handicap under 18 at home course
    = yes, but only temporarily. its back up to 20

  4. Make play-offs in fantasy football and fantasy baseball
    = 50% acheived (made football playoffs but not baseball)

  5. Go camping at least once
    = miserable fail

2015 – we have six (always the over-achiever!):

  1. Go camping at least once (carryover from 2014)
  2. Get handicap back to 18 or under and keep it there for a significant time (at least 6 months)
  3. Start running again and do it twice a week (diet’s worked wonders, but need some exercise for the health)
  4. complete the implementation of the workplace wiki
  5. get some of the financials sorted. as in long to mid term goals goals set, and wheels in motion to reach them (including investments, etc).
  6. make decision on US citizenship (keep it or chuck it?)

carolbaby note: well, that last one is a bit unexpected!

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