holiday: days eleven and twelve

Two relaxing, rather sedate days which mostly involved last minute sorts of things (sorting camera batteries, adapter, reading materials) for the VeryExciting trip.

This morning I ran 5km(ish). It was overcast and significantly cooler than in past days, but still a bit humid.

Spycam got a wee workout:

grey skies

bee pole

nananannanananaaa manman

xmas detritus

love your sisters

i think this is the best graffiti i have ever seen

Gosh I love that little device and its terrible resolution! I’m surprised that I actually manage to get my intended subject in the photo because the miniscule viewfinder is pretty much only for show.

The run felt fantastic, but I have a niggling dull ache in the right ankle – not terribly painful, just enough to know that it is there. Always with the problems on the right side! I need to focus on that glute-strengthening work on my return.

Bags are now packed (probably with way too much stuff), Palace/Kitty-minders at the ready, just one more sleep until our first (just the two of us) trip overseas since 2008. So Very Exciting!

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3 Responses to holiday: days eleven and twelve

  1. what time are you leaving? I’m going to be in international terminal tomorrow morning!


    • carolbaby says:

      Our flight has been brought forward an hour to … 6am!
      And sadly, we’ll be killing time in Melbourne before our 11am proper flight.

      I bet you’ll be in Sydney, right? This is Very Disappointing – meeting up would have been fabulous.

      Unless you’re in Melbourne – in which case, Excellent!


  2. ganching says:

    I think a lot of us are going to be in the air at the same time. Have a brilliant holiday and look forward to hearing all about it.


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