2012: not resolutions – joe/frank

These were Joe/Frank’s not resolutions for 2011

  1. Get an average for my subjects >80
    NOT ACHIEVED – started the year extremely well and then sloth and resting-on-laurels took over

  2. Be a better guitarist
    NOT ACHIEVED – the guitar has been long packed away

  3. Get my licence
    NOT ACHIEVED – if only we had seen this

  4. Try and actually buy presents for birthdays/Christmas
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – he did buy souveniers from Noumea for the other fam

  5. Prove responsibility for outings
    ACHIEVED!! – been extremely trustworthy this year and good to know that his pals look out for him


And this year we have:

  1. Spend less time on internet
  2. Stick to deadlines for ‘draft’ submissions and study timetables
  3. Make my French better
  4. Be less surly
  5. Be more co-ordinated

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