2016 not-resolutions: joe/frank

Next up, the beamish boy.

Comments are his own. My additions in ().

1. Start actually learning to drive. Get on the track towards my P’s.
Nooooo. No hours spent on the wheel yet.
(this is going to be interesting)

2. More socialising. Don’t spend so much time in the house.
Starting to do this towards the end of the year. If only I realised that the answer to this was staring at me in the face all along.
(I think this means that he could possibly have been socialising with his cohort in the programme he has been in for the last 2 years, but has only just discovered this now that he has transitioned out of the programme).

3. Successfully complete TAFE, obtain paid employment or future university study.
Yes! Managed to do all three.
(two TAFE accounting courses | scored a casual job in hospitality, initially quite a challenge, but now settled in! also scored very good temp office gig, hoping to get more of this – definitely fits more with the skillset/interests than cooking chips | got into a University Prep course for 2016)

4.Expand my current interests by trying one ‘new’ thing a month or expanding current ones.
Nooooo. I’m still caught up in my own little world.
(aren’t we all dude)

5.Improve personal fitness.
Nooooo. Attended the gym once a week but did little exercise otherwise and ate like shit badly. Now I’m a piggy. 2016 workouts here I come!
(weekly gym visits were part of the now-ended 2 year programme. we hooked up with a physio and gym around the corner this week. after my experience with the FatController, I was really concerned about personal trainers and injury, so we’re doing this properly)

And for 2016:

1. Start actually learning to drive. Get on the track towards my P’s (provisional licence for the foreigners)
2. Learn one new recipe a month
3. Improve personal fitness. Lose ~10cm of belly fat
4. Aim for two social activities/etc per month
5. Pass all my UPP subjects and get into a full university course (UPP = University Prep course)

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