2016 not-resolutions: bessie

A couple of days ago Bessie asked if I was going to “force us to do not-resolutions again?”.

Well, who am I to mess with long established traditions?1

Rather amazingly, this is the fifth year we’ve done this – how time flies and all that.

Firstly the review of the 2015 list (my comments after the – ):
1. Find a form of exercise that I enjoy and do it regularly

2. Have a credit + average on all my courses
MOSTLY ACHIEVED – one pass on an elective which she kind of phoned in

3. Have a job or internship for more than a week
VERY MUCH ACHIEVED – slaving on an almost-full-time job during Uni time, which turns into a full-time job in the hols.

4. Be creative and make things that aren’t for uni
ACHIEVED – lots of stuff made, but would prefer to have time / energy for more.

5. Stay social, go out with a variety of people
ACHIEVED – many social outings, she has become very involved in the CPAC youth committee, lots of volunteering.

And for 2016:
1. travel to 3 new places
2. save money
3. keep social
4. stay involved in CPAC YOUTH
5. Maintain a 65+ WAM (which is some sort of GPA-type thing)


1 For new players, at the beginning of each year I force the family to come up with a list of 5 things they might like to do during the year – no pressure, just some ideas.

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