petr runs a micro-still from the basement of a condemned electricity sub-station

Back to the favourite pub today for Xmas break drinks with Heather, Vincenzo and Clarissifer.

I’m seriously mad for the food there – particularly the cauliflower, cabbage and almond sauteed thingy which I hope to replicate. Today I had goat’s cheese croquettes which were wonderful. And lots of wine from the barrel behind the bar.

An excellent time was had by all – and we barely spoke about SML, which is always optimal. Heather has all of January off, I’m rather regretting my decision to cut my leave short by 8 days.


I took along my favourite new book from this series. The concept is so very clever, the books are so very funny.

Selected highlights:

hipsters like to collect old things that are unfashionable, because that makes them fashionable. vintage washing-up bowls are highly prized, because they look neither retro nor valuable, and are therefore both.

hipsters think plates are very old fashioned. they prefer to eat from planks, tiles and first generation ipads …

coffee is the hipster’s favourite drink. these dry espressos are made with baby scallions and chia roots and cost over ¬£8 per cup …

jinga has opened a pop=up trifle bistro in an old spitfire. every friday, he djs in a club where all the furniture has been deliberately burned …

niven is a non-linear campaign provocateur for a brandwidth trendship engagement agency …

I think this is the first non-digital book I’ve bought in about two years. A week later and I am still completely delighted. I gave Heather “The Ladybird Book of the Hangover” for Xmas, I’m keen to pick up others in the series – “The Ladybird Book of the Mid-Life Crisis” looks particularly excellent.

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