50before50: #40 complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle as a family – COMPLETE


Bessie stepped in on day four and was killer at identifying fractures, ridges, rises and other sea features.

And verily, the jigsaw puzzle was crossed off the very long list.

Would we do this again?

Don and Bessie are all Hell To The Yes. But we’re mindful that we need a significant focused block of time, so maybe the easter break, or next Xmas.

And we’re thinking this 3000 piece 1375 world map – just to ramp up the challenge. And because we are all about the maps.

Right now the completed puzzle is taking up all the space on the dining table and needs to be deconstructed at some point. We’re thinking of gifting it to Bessie’s boyfriend, TheFireman, who is a huge puzzle fan. There is a wee piece of me though, that wants to squish it between perspex sheets and mount it to the wall.

Only around 47(ish) things to go!

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