There has been an unusually-frequent level of eating out over the last few days.

On Boxing Day, Don and I went for lunch to our new favourite local pub:

pigfest platter

Lunch was so filling that we were compelled to have a minimalist dinner. We busted out Felicity Cloake’s highly unattractive, but highly delicious welsh rarebit. First time we’ve used her recipe – definitely won’t be the last.


And we actually remembered that it was our wedding anniversary before it happened (though we did have to check how many years it had been – seven, for the record).

We ate at feijai in Potts Point – which was really excellent, brilliant flavours, super-simple, super-fresh – definitely would return.

We were in the neighbourhood because we had to drop in briefly to drinks at a colleague of Don’s – which was the second last social obligation of the year. The last is social drinks/lunch with my inner-westie SML colleagues tomorrow – then I can totally hibernate / get my recluse on until I go back to work.


Last night the family (sans Joan and Ajax – who are holidaying in South Australia) headed out for a joint Don/Bessie birthday celebration – to Public House Petersham again. Very good food, a fab beer selection, the wine comes straight from a barrel(!), friendly atmosphere and there’s a really very nice courtyard.


The next weeks will be full-to-the-brim of home-cooking, lest we forget how to make our own food. Indeed, at this very moment, I’m cooking a Complicated Curry.


And what post would be complete without some gratuitous shots of the ladies:

(genuine) chair – $10 – best bargain ever

so skinny under all that fur

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