50before50: #40 complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle as a family

This jigsaw puzzle is strangely VERY addictive – to the point where we spent ALL day yesterday on it and Don was so engrossed that he forgot to eat. I think we only stopped because we had somewhere to be in the evening.

It is all rather like this:

I’ve developed a case of puzzle-back and puzzle-eyes from squinting at the tiny bits and being hunched over the table.

puzzle status: end day two

I had no idea of the extent of my ignorance of African geography, but I’m happy to report that we completed the continent bits without referring to the picture on the box or the internet, so yay us!

Mid way through day 2, we realised our surface was not wide enough and have overtaken the dining table.

puzzle status: end day three

We have banned ourselves from even touching today it until we’ve done everything on our agenda. We still have the sea bits to complete and will be referring to the internet, because who knows where all the dozens of ridges, fractures and abyssal plains are located?

Would I do another? I’m really not sure, it is a not inexpensive exercise and when you’re done you just … shove it back in the box. Apparently it is good for your brain – just not for your productivity!

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