send snow

yesterday afternoon’s view from the upper balcony

The rather extreme weather today put paid to some of my grand plans and we mostly bunkered down surrounded by fans in the air-conditioned lounge room.

upper balcony @ 3:00pm = 47.8oC – that’s 118oF for the imperialists

Despite the heat Don was All Action, got started early and smoked bacon and pulled pork in harky-the-smoker**. Then he made sausage ragu on the stove-top – thinking that we’d have the air-conditioning on anyway, so the heat of cooking would make little difference to our comfort level. We should be set for meals for a bit.

I actually did complete most of the tasks I set myself for the weekend – save for the embroidering and mending.

Oh, and I only painted two of the four walls of the balcony before running out of paint. We replenished the supply, but by then it was far too hot to continue. I painted between 8am and 11am yesterday, was in the shade and ended up with a sunburned back (maybe should paint wearing more than a sports bra and shorts). Probably not quite the time of year for it, but who knows how long I’ll maintain the motivation?

Oh, and I did not complete those lists – not sure why I’m avoiding them. Nor the blog admin. So maybe not quite *most* of the things.

One of my 60before60 items is to grow my hair and I’ve been having very minimal haircuts for the last few months while it slowly gets longer (currently is at the top of my ears – the starting point was quite short). I’m not entirely sure I’m keen to persist with this, having tons of hair makes the hot weather even more unpleasant!

It’s supposed to be a more (barely) tolerable 33oC tomorrow – seems just a bit too hot for cycling home, but I’ll see whether I’m feeling sufficiently insane to take the chance in the morning.

** the bacon had been curing for over a week and it was today or never – despite the ridiculous heat.


Best thing today: air-conditioning!

4 thoughts on “send snow

    • You’d think by now I absolutely would know better about sun-protection!

      Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, just a tiny bit pink – I think mostly because my lower back is very rarely exposed to the sun. I can’t even think of the last time it was uncovered outdoors!

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