2018 not-resolutions: joan

Joan, enroute from Taipei.

Reflecting on 2017:

1. Go to China and North Korea.
I went! Both countries were amazing but seeing the other worldliness that was North Korea has been one of my best travel experiences.

2. Get some career direction by deciding if I want to go work overseas, change industries or do more study.
When I came back from travelling, I ended up in a job in a new area so I suppose I decided to change industries in a sense. It’s not for me though so back to the drawing board!

3. My travels through South America have made me realise how sickly and unfit I am, so work on those things by being more physically active.
I joined the gym, it counts as being more physically active if you have a gym membership. [fail]

4. Start cooking more and expand my repertoire.
Mega fail apart from a work charity cooking for 80 people experience I would rather forget.

5. Be more direct with how I feel about things and stop being so indecisive.
This was so vague but I suppose I’ve done this to some degree.

And for 2018:

1. Move overseas, preferably mid-year.
2. Achieve savings goal by moving time.
3. Lose 10 kg.
4. Don’t make poor decisions with regards to men and continue progress made since the beginning of this year.
5. Find a new hobby that isn’t travel or photography related.


Previous years:

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