Back when I was on my 3 glorious weeks of holiday in November, I attended the big design market with Bessie. There were many excellent items on offer, but I could not resist some wonderfully smelling candles from aacute .

Shortly afterward, while still on holiday, I visited essential ingredient and was helpless in the face of the aromatherapy company: lemongrass, lime & bergamot candle.

the bakery range came packaged in adorable oven

dry tobacco + hay | gingerbread men | choc brownie | sea salted caramel + macaron


Then first day back at SML, and despite my intention to reduce my spending, who could resist this bargain?

Peter Alexander: Xmas Pudding.

Add to this the woodwick candle I received from the offspring for my birthday and I’d better get burning.


Best thing today: thoughtful gifts from the returning travellers

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2 Responses to stash

  1. I love glasshouse candles. I’ve tried lots of spendy ones including Anthro ones here but glasshouse is still the best for intense room perfume. It’s my most requested item when people come from Australia to NYC

  2. carolbaby says:

    We’re all crazy about them too.

    I’m big on the baking scents and have a large Tahaa next to my bed. The smell is very comforting (even when I don’t light it).

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