2018 not-resolutions: don

Don was the first to get his not resolutions in this year, but being the radical rule-breaker he didn’t reflect on the 2017 list – and it would likely be another 6 months before he got back to it, so the review is by me.

The 2017 items (only 3, see rule-breaker)

1. Get GA Handicap down to 10 or lower
NOT ACHIEVED – probably a little too ambitious. Only two off target, which is really pretty decent. Mental game needs work (and putting).

2. Learn map and compass land navigation
VERY PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – busted out the compass and map for my birthday hike. We didn’t get lost! We did have a very large path to follow so I’m not sure if it entirely counts.

3. At least two rides and/or hikes per month
NOT ACHIEVED – rides and hikes took a backseat in the latter part of the year. There was illness, there was golf, there were a bunch of things which neither of us can remember.

And for 2018:
1. Get mortgage to under $Xk (1% less than current projection @ year end). Stretch goal of $Yk (3% < current projection @ year end)
2. Attend Friday AM Yoga 75% of weeks
3. Minimum of 2 alcohol free weekdays 80% of weeks
4. Drop 2 strokes off current H'cap (currently at 12.2) and not exceed 95 the entire year
5. Golfing birthday trip somewhere mildly exotic



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