2018 not-resolutions: joe/frank

And lastly, now that he has settled back in after his Adventure, Joe/Frank.

Review of 2017:

1. Lose ~10cm of belly/body fat.
This would’ve been a pass if you replaced “lose” with “gain” :p

2. Aim for a “C” (credit) average at uni, with at least one “D” (distinction). (might differ depending on the uni I attend)
Yes! Quite easily obtained in the end. And yet…I feel like I could’ve done better.

3. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
I don’t think I quite got here, but at least I made some steps towards doing so.

4. Waste less of my free time just flipping through internet websites. (kinda goes hand in hand with #3, tbf)
No, this still happens quite a bit.

5. Improve sleep patterns. Stop going to bed so late, wake up earlier.
A little bit of progress made here. Sometimes I’m good about this, other times not so much.

For 2018:

1. Aim for a “D” (distinction) average at uni (raising the bar!)
2. Lose 10kgs.
3. Travel overseas or start planning overseas travel.
4. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
5. Look for a new job.



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