fifty (2)

We’re all doing advent calendars this year and one of my birthday gifts from the offspring was an absolutely amazing bespoke calendar.

Joan and Bessie workshopped the concept, Bessie designed and executed** (that 4 year design degree has paid off!) and they both collaborated on the contents – which have of course been fabulous so far.

Hard to get a sense of scale from the photos – but it is quite huge!


I am one of those annoying don’t-get-me-any-gifts parents, but they completely ignored the directive and also included a spa voucher, woodwick candle (vanilla bean | caramel | biscotti), book of kitties and kitty stationery in the birthday stash.

Seriously I could not have asked for more thoughtful gifts – what clever children I have!


** Bessie and her boyfriend even cut the perforations around each of the days by hand with scalpels!

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3 Responses to fifty (2)

  1. I LOVE this. Clever kids


  2. Shauna says:

    Brilliant gifts! They did good :)


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