needs moar cats

Our minimalist nod to Christmas decorating. I think this is possibly the most festive ThePalace(OfLove) has ever been.

Of course there’s a cat theme (courtesy of Bessie).

Madness almost overtook me today while shopping with Joe/Frank – I almost bought a … tree! I quickly talked myself out of it, but am kind of now almost talking myself back in.

3 thoughts on “needs moar cats

  1. This is lovely!
    I’m stressing b/c this our first xmas at one without the kids (age 22 and 20). Just me, SGH and the dog (and the cat who is not our cat). No idea how much or little to decorate. I like your minimalist approach. I solved my tree trauma a few years back when I bought a tree in a pot that sits in an outside alcove outside our dining room window year ’round. Now I just string a few lights and put a few straw ornaments on it and it is done.

    • Katy!

      It’s very weird when there are no little kids about – seems like way too much effort to do very much in the way of decoration. We’re solo this Xmas too – makes for a quite weird day.

      Real trees tend to not be a huge thing here (though they definitely do exist) – too hot and they last a couple of days before going brown and shedding needles everywhere. They joys of trying to shove a winter holiday into the height of summer!

      I caved and went searching for a fake tree this morning – white or silver ~120cm. Tons of white and silver, but way, way too tall. And nothing in green at all which I thought was kind of interesting. So I figured TheUniverse was trying to tell me something and came home empty-handed.

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