2017 not-resolutions: joan

And finally … Joan! She gets a pass for being late because she is living it up South America. Okay, she’s living it up when not struck down with an awful cold.

2016 review

  1. Work towards learning to drive and getting my Ps by 30, making sure I don’t let my neighbourhood’s narrow streets and traffic congestion issues put me off achieving this goal!
    NOT ACHIEVED I don’t think I got behind the wheel once last year.

  2. Eat better food, be more physically active and generally improve my health with a view to being less sickly and in better shape.

    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED I made some progress, I think living at home helped with eating better and I’ve lost a bit of weight.

  3. Resolve my post-travel unemployment situation by figuring out what it is I want to do for work and making it happen.
    ACHIEVED I did get a job but it ended up not being what I wanted.

  4. Continue travelling. Japan and Christmas in Europe are my ideas at the moment.
    ACHIEVED I’ve definitely done this with a spontaneous US trip in April and I’m currently travelling around South America.

  5. Stop letting fear hold me back from doing things I want in my life.
    ACHIEVED This is quite vague but I suppose I didn’t let fear hold me back from quitting my nightmare job and go travelling again.


  1. Go to China and North Korea.
  2. Get some career direction by deciding if I want to go work overseas, change industries or do more study.
  3. My travels through South America have made me realise how sickly and unfit I am, so work on those things by being more physically active.
  4. Start cooking more and expand my repertoire.
  5. Be more direct with how I feel about things and stop being so indecisive.


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