50before50: #45 knit a complicated shawl or scarf – a valuable lesson

This is one of those projects where the perfect is definitely the enemy of the good AND where I try to do dazzling things that don’t really align with me or my values.

Back in March I chose easy as pie scarf for my complicated shawl or scarf knitting project and it was going along swimmingly (well, mostly).

Then in June for reasons I can’t even fathom, I decided that no – let’s try something much, much harder and more dazzling and selected uncia from Kate Davies book of haps – grabbed some yarn and … did absolutely nothing for months.

Tonight I started properly with the uncia and … I actually kind of hate it.

I don’t much care for the pattern, the yarn I selected is splitty and awful and if I am really honest with myself, I would never, ever wear such a thing. It is very pretty, but really is not me at all.

What I do like knitting however is my original scarf choice – despite having unravelled about 50cm of it.

So I’m doing the sensible thing and going back to making something I want to make – which is sufficiently challenging (see aforementioned unravelling) to be very enjoyable and which I will actually get a lot of use from.

Honestly! My brain sometimes!

I need to apply this ruthlessness to other areas of my life!

(Hopefully I can use the splitty yarn for this crazy herringbone scarf – at some point – after the easy as pie is done).

0 thoughts on “50before50: #45 knit a complicated shawl or scarf – a valuable lesson

  1. I like your easy as pie scarf better than uncia, which is fancy, but unwearable (for me). You should definitely finish the scarf, more so as the deep blue color you’ve chosen is simply gorgeous.

    • I have a terrible habit of starting things and stopping when something shinier comes along.

      It is a lovely colour! It is even lovelier in real life – very hard to capture accurately with the camera.

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