interesting challenges

I decided to go with the unravel and re-do the four stitches of the cable option on the bad scarf.


Two (or three, it was all a bit of a blur) hours later I had cables! 

But they were not at all to my liking and looked rather more messy than they do in the photo. And I suspect I got the spacing slightly wrong, because they didn’t quite line up with the other three cables. So I did what any Type-A perfectionist-sort would do and unravelled, unravelled and unravelled some more.

Oh well, I am in no rush to complete this and I would have bothered me a great deal leaving as was (see aforesaid perfectionist). It was good to know that I could (sort of) do this kind of repair,


ActionItems for this weekend:
+ run x2 >3km
+ tidy the very messy palace
+ cook beef stew, parsley dumplings
+ make some sort of cake / dessert thing
+ edit some photos
+ take more photos (practice with lenses)
+ hem Joe/Frank’s work pants (that have been sitting around for about 3 months)
+ buy white gloss paint (Joan is painting the interior doors for us! hurrah!)
+ ironing
+ replenish kitty litter stores
+ ruthlessly sort hardware boxes
+ sit quietly and think
+ plant something (this will score me bonus points for the SML wellness challenge)

I suspect what I won’t be doing is picking up that knitting!

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